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Doogi playpens for puppies


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Cleanness and hygiene

Playpens for puppies are designed to increase comfort and security whilst giving birth and give them optimal development during the first few weeks of life.

Doogi playpens incorporate waterproof flooring so as to maintain cleanness and hygiene as well as removes the risk of liquid spills to floors, carpets etc.

Durability and strength

Doogi playpens are made out of the strongest and highest quality materials which provides the strength to achieve longevity. Flooring consist of polyester double weaved material overplayed with PVC with a final coat of lacquer. This guarantees waterproof protection for years.

Practically and comfort

Doogi playpens are designed to match our vision of a modern style and maximum level of comfort. With our original English Dry Bed waterproof system it produces perfect conditions for puppies. Playpens can be easily and quickly assembled as well as stored in small storage areas when puppies outgrow the playpen.

Style and functionality

The simplicity of the form, colour, elegance and soft design made the Doggie beds perfect to every household. Playpens can be opened up very easily with specially designed pocket which enable one wall to be removed to allow puppies to explore.

Playpens are available in three sizes:

M - 70cm x 70cm x 35cm

L - 100cm x 100cm x 35cm

XL - 140cm x 140cm x 50cm