Accessories for Doogi playpens

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Very practical components for Doogi playpens are durable frame and infrared, energy-saving PHILIPS heating sets, called “brood hens”.



They are perfect solution for puppies in first weeks of their lives. The bumpers provide extra protection against accidents such as puppies being crushed by their mothers.

Bumpers are available in three sizes, M, L & XL, perfect fit for the playpens. The height of the horizontal tubes can be modified to accommodate pets of all breeds.

Bumpers are easy to assemble and can be stored in storage cases when not in use.

Heating sets

We all know that puppies in the first weeks of their life need suitable surrounding temperature.

The guarantee of relevant heating level inside the playpen is provided with heating equipment. The heating set can be assembled in back or side walls of the playpen, fasten by provided holder.

The set contains extension, metal casing and infrared, energy-saving PHILIPS heating sets powered 100W & 175W, in white and red colours.

The metal casing contains the power switch with dual- stage power controlling.